Reiteration of Facebook posting letting everyone know about this blog

Hi Everyone!

Please join me starting this evening at my new Mayan Adventure Blog, "One Week in Mexico" (, where I will be chronicling my exciting 7 day trip from Brooklyn, NY into the heart of the Mayan Yucatan.

Everything will be unscripted, and I literally have no idea what to expect, because I haven't really planned anything for this trip in advance. It just sort of crept up on me and, well, here it is!

I plan to update my trip blog as often as possible while there, pending internet access at my AirBnB host's home as well as wi-fi hotspots in and around Cancun and surrounding areas. I will be uploading lots of photos via my new Instagram account, which some of you are already following (thank you very much!), and I intend to speak A LOT of really bad Spanish in an effort to increase my conversational level in that language.

I have already posted my first two entries as well as a third containing two short videos about what I hope to accomplish on this trip. Subsequent videos posted in the next day or two will explain my philosophy on language learning and travel -- as well as, in particular, the resources that I have used over the past few years to gradually teach myself basic Spanish without really having put that much of an "official" effort into learning the language so far.

Native speakers of Spanish will notice that my grammar will really suck, but that I will be able to get by and have a great time as well as participate in some solid, basic conversations with locals while there.

Thanks in advance to everyone for following "One Week in Mexico." See you all in the jungle!

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